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Full Day Tour to Agrigento from Palermo

Full Day Tour to Agrigento from Palermo - Class Consulenza in Viaggio

Jump on board and start your adventure! Head to the inner part of Sicily to reach Agrigento. Upon arrival you will have the chance to make an independent visit to the Archaeological Museum (please note that admission fee is not included). Here you see a display of the splendors of ancient Akragas and you'll be given an insight into the life of Greek settlers in Sicily.

After lunch, join us for a 2-hour walking tour of the Valley of Temples (please note that admission fee is not included), enlisted as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1998. The tour will cover the Temple of Hera, the Temple of Concordia, the Temple of Hercules and the Temple of Zeus, all built around V century B.C. Along a long rocky scarp, chosen to become the southern limit of the town, you can still see the great temples of ancient Akragas: the Temple of Hera (Juno) Lacinia, Concordia, Heracles (Hercules), Olympian Zeus (Jupiter), Castor and Pollux (Dioscuri) and Hephaistos (Vulcan).

According to the city's legend, Agrigento was founded by Daedalus and his son Icarus after they fled from Crete. Historically, however, its origins date back to 582 B.C. when it was founded by the inhabitants of the neighbouring Gela. They named their town Akragas after the nearby river. It rapidly became bigger in size, importance and military strength under Phalarides, the first tyrant, and later under Theron, who extended his sway over northern Sicily and as far as Himera. Agrigento was a city of artists and illustrious characters, such as Empedocles, the philosopher. Pindar defines Agrigento as “the most beautiful of mortal cities".

We will then return to Palermo.

Provided with: minimum of 2 clients 
Limited to maximum: 18 people

€ 120,00 p.p.




  • Vehicle/coach with air conditioning 
  • English speaking Tour Director/Driver-Escort
  • All sightseeing & visits as per itinerary



Not Included


  • Gratuities & tips
  • Meals & beverages  
  • Travel insurance
  • Admission fees
  • Licensed tourist guide (max. 2h) at Temple Valley if less than 6 people on the tour.

Departure from Palermo.

This tour is land only.

This tour is operated only with a Driver-Escort up to 5 people. The visit to the Valley of Temples and the Archaeological Museum will be independent. The Driver Escort is not a Licensed Tourist Guide. Licensed Tourist Guide: are the only professionals, with a Regional license, permitted to conduct visits and tours in all sites and museums within a city. The Driver Escort cannot escort people inside the monuments because this is not allowed by Italian law. However, he has the competences to promote the most important highlights providing basic historical & cultural information.

From 6 to 7/8 participants a Driver Escort wll take part in the otur with a licensed Tour Guide on the spot to visit the Valley of Temples for a maximum of 2 hours. The visit to the Archaeological Museum will be independent.

From 8/9 people, this tour is operated with a Tour Director. Licensed Tourist Guide is provided on the spot to visit the Valley of Temples for a maximum of 2 hours. The visit to the Archaeological Museum will be independent.

Please note: the price of this tour does not include the Admission Fees.

Our agency does not discriminate in any way based on religion, race/national origin, political affiliation or any other factors. We reserve the right to expel from the tour any participant whose behavior toward other participants obviously does not conform to this policy. It is important that our tours be undertaken in a social environment which creates a friendly, memorable experience for all participants. Thank you for your understanding.

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Etna & Alcantara full day tour

Etna & Alcantara full day tour - Class Consulenza in Viaggio

Our guide will pick you up from your hotel and, on the way up to Rifugio Sapienza (1920 mamsl), you will stop in certain view points. You will receive all the information you need about the history and the territory of the volcano and visit the sites of the last eruptions and the old Silvestri Craters.

From Rifugio Sapienza you will be able to choose if you wish to continue by doing some trekking in one of the nature paths of “Parco dell’Etna”, up to 2000 m, or if you wish to buy the Etna high altitude option. If you choose this option you will take the cable car and then a special 4x4 minibuses to arrive at Torre del Filosofo (2900 meters). 

You will then explore a lava cave with helmets and torches.

Before heading towards Alcantara, you will stop at a famous organic farm, in Zafferana, for a delicious sampling of honey, wine, oil and other typical products.

In Alcantara you will reach the river by walking down the small paths along the cultivated fields, the so-called “delizi”. Here it will be possible to admire the Gurne, natural pools created by the running water, small lakes and waterfalls surrounded by a beautiful riparian vegetation. During this walk through nature, history and tradition, you will also admire the ruins of the Francavilla Castle.

You will continue by visiting the gorges: canyons formed over the millenniums by the water of the river on the lava basalts of Etna. Here it will be possible to admire the columnar basalts, lava formations resulting from the erosion process and the slow cooling, whose extraordinary shapes have various thicknesses and orientations.

 € 85,00 p.p.





  • Shuttle Bus (return)
  • Multilingual guide
  • Trekking shoes (on request)
  • The kit for visiting the Cave
  • Sampling

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Madonia Tour

Madonia Tour - Class Consulenza in Viaggio

First Day

We will  discover  Madonie Natural Reserve,  the principal mountain groups in Sicily through wonderful tracks.  We will follow wild deers traces and look for them.

We will explore fantastic plateaus full of natural and historical wonders  such as  “Piano dei Cervi”, “Rifugio della Giumenta”,”Piano Zucchi” ,”Piano Pomo

We will enjoy a dinner with typical Sicilian  food in our  beautiful lodge and stay overnight in very comfortable rooms with private bath.

Second Day

In Castelbuno we will explore the unique giant holly wood in Italy. You will trekking through beautiful woods, secular trees  and old ruins.

€ 240,00 p.p.




  • Transport service
  • One night including breakfast and dinner in our lodge
  • Multilingual guide AIGAE associated
  • Equipment like helmet, snowshoes and torch (where required)


Not Included


  • packed lunch
  • Trekking shoes,water,jacket


Suggested equipment is: windbreaker, trekking shoes, water. 

First day

Departure from your Hotel/Airport: 8:30

Arrive to Castellana Sicula : 11:00

Trekking with lunch break (not included): 6 hours

Arrive to our hotel: 17:00

Dinner at 20:00

Second day


Trekking with lunch break(not included): 6 hours

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Etna on mountain bike

Etna on mountain bike - Class Consulenza in Viaggio

Visiting Etna on a mountain bike is a unique experience that will give you the chance to see uncontaminated landscapes, among ancient lava flows and old craters, passing through oaks and pine trees woods.

The climate of our region makes it possible for us to organize tours all year around. The trails that we propose are able to satisfy all bikers’ needs, going from downhill with descents on lava sand and single trails through woods, continuing with free-ride and endure trails, and trails of various difficulties along one of the paths of the Etna Park.

The mountain bike tour will be accompanied by a certificated mountain bike guide.

At the end of the tour you will stop at a famous organic farm, in Zafferana, for a delicious sampling of honey, wine, oil and other typical products.

€ 60,00 p.p.





  • Shuttle bus from/to the hotel
  • Multilingual guide
  • Bike and helmet rental
  • Sampling


Suggested equipment is: windbreaker, tennis shoes, water, sunglasses

The pick up is at 8.30 directly from your hotel

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Speleotreck tour in a lava cave

Speleotreck tour in a lava cave - Class Consulenza in Viaggio

During this excursion you will visit one of the most beautiful and characteristic lava flow caves: the famous Serra Cozza Cave 1, generated by the lava in 1971.

Inside the cave you will admire spectacular stalactites, blisters and fantastic overlapping lava shelves. This cave, in the upstream section, is contained in the eruptive crack and has a section with a shape of a keyhole, several meters high, and no more than 3 m. wide. On the vault you can observe some openings. The downstream section is instead a flow gallery, with a great slope, 350 m. long, and 2 to 3 m. wide, with a floor made of scoriacic lava. In the first section the sides are opaque, but further ahead they still maintain a glassy look.

Continuing the itinerary, on a path submerged by a dense vegetation made of birch trees with ginestre scrubs, you will cross valleys created by the last eruption, until you reach a panoramic point from where you will be able to admire the vastness and uniqueness of Bove Valley landscape.

€ 95,00 p.p.





  • Shuttle Bus (return)
  • Multilingual guide
  • Equipment rental
  • Lunch

Suggested equipment is: windbreaker, trekking shoes, water, hat and sunglasses 

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